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About Us

MySignpost was the original idea of Bob Dennis who realised that there was a potential gap between the providers of services in the community and the demands arising from the introduction of personalisation.

The advent of personalisation will lead to potentially thousands of new purchasers who would have to negotiate a new marketplace with a myriad of different providers. Independent Living Zone was formed with the aim of planning ways of presenting a marketplace where people of all abilities could identify and buy their own services and equipment

Early in 2010 we received an award from the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership, which supported the MySignpost team in developing the information exchange we have called 'MySignpost'

MySignpost is working closely with Adult Social Care, health organisations and agencies throughout the Northeast to design and build this innovative approach to the disability market place

Bob Dennis

Bob comes from a background of social care and health, with over 25 years experience in the voluntary sector. Having had hands-on work on establishing a rehabilitation centre in the Philippines, bob came back to the UK with a view of developing those skills. Bob is a qualified Occupational Therapist and State Registered Nurse, having spent time in Accident & Emergency and Trauma clinic in Cambridge and the north east. Bob has a special interest in neurological support services having gained a wide range of expertise in supporting people living with epilepsy and has developed epilepsy awareness training in Administration of Rectal Diazepam and Administration of Buccal Midazolam for Children and Adults. Bob is also grappling with a PHD in Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience. Bob handed over the reins in march 2013 and continues to work in community development.

Ian Todd

Ian has been involved with several local and national charities both as a volunteer and employee since early 1990. He has also been involved in setting up several businesses with a diverse area of interest, from residential care to computer software. Ian currently divides his time between ILZ and GoLocal food ltd (a local food co-operative growing local food for its members). His spare time is taking up with the running of a smallholding raising sheep, ducks and chickens.

Peter Bolam

About MySignpost


A warm welcome to MySignpost. A new service which exists to point you in the direction of what you are looking for. On MySignpost you will find hundreds of products and services in the broad fields of health, social care, well being and community and as the site develops we will bring you hundreds and thousands more.

We aim to be as responsive to our users’ views as we can so if you have any ideas or suggestions or if you know of any product or service that you think ought to be represented on MySignpost please just click on this link to Contact MySignpost.

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The MySignpost community

MySignpost is driven by the needs of the community and is here to help to meet those needs. You don't need to join the Mysignpost community; you're already part of it so please feel free to explore the site. You don't need permission and registration is entirely optional. So please have a look around, it's quite possible that you may be pointed in the direction of items and ideas you didn't even know existed.

If you wish to register and post opinions and information, please do, it's absolutely free and we look forward to hearing from you.

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MySignpost providers

MySignpost serves the community. It is here to point its users in the direction of the products, services and ideas that they seek. The providers and suppliers of these products, services and ideas therefore complete the circle. We would encourage any provider of a product or service, be they large, small, commercial, third sector or all points in between to make use of their representation on MySignpost. People are looking for your products and services, let MySignpost help you get in touch with your market or community and perhaps even find new ones.

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