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Name Type
2D Supplier
50+ Healthy Life Supplier
AAT GB Supplier
Abduktion Block (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Ability magazine Supplier
Access & Inclusion Supplier
Acorn Stairlifts Supplier
Action Assist Supplier
Action for Blind People Supplier
Action for Children Supplier
Active Mobility Centre Supplier
Adapt Ability Supplier
Adjustable Height Platform Altonaids Mobility Product
Administration of Buccal Midazolam and Rectal Diazapam Independent Living Zone Service
Adult Learning Alnwick Supplier
Advocacy Tips Article
Age UK Newcastle Supplier
Age UK North Tyneside Supplier
Age Well Group at Concordia Supplier
Aids to Daily Living Assessments Independent Living Zone Service
Alan Shearer Centre Supplier
Alcoholics Anonymous Supplier
All Together Better Supplier
Allied Healthcare Supplier
Altonaids Mobility Supplier
Alzheimer's Society Supplier
Amble Development Trust Supplier
Angelou Centre Supplier
Angier Griffin Supplier
Aqua-Joy Bathlifts Ltd Supplier
Arthritis Care Supplier
Ashfield Parent Centre Supplier
Ashington Art Group Supplier
Astor Bannerman Supplier
Attendant Controlled Manual Wheelchair Handling Independent Living Zone Service
Autism North East Supplier
Automotive Group Supplier
AZURE Supplier
Barnabas Safe and Sound Supplier
Bath Boards Article
Bathing assessment Article
Bathing Tips Article
Beacon Lough Baptist Church Supplier
Beating Bowel Cancer Supplier
Befriending Tips Article
Bewick Mobility Supplier
Bliss Mediation Services Supplier
Bliss=Ability Supplier
Blues 100 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Blues 300 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Blyth Valley Disabled Forum Supplier
Body Support (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Bodywork Centre Supplier
Breast Cancer Care Supplier
Briefcase Ramp Altonaids Mobility Product
British Dyslexia Association Supplier
British Lung Foundation Supplier
Byker Advice & Information Project Supplier
Calibre Audio Library Supplier
Calvert Trust Supplier
Cardiac Rehabilitation in Northumberland Supplier
Cardiomyopathy Group Supplier
Carefree Mobility Services Ltd Supplier
Carer Support Tips Article
CarerLink Supplier
Carers Centre Newcastle Supplier
Carers Northumberland Supplier
Caring Hands Charity Supplier
Castle Morpeth Disability Association Supplier
Cerebra Supplier
Channel Ramps Altonaids Mobility Product
Charitable funding for children's equipment Article
Child Brain Injury Trust Supplier
Choysez Supplier
Chris Lucas Trust Supplier
Chunc Supplier
Citizens Advice Bureau North Shields Supplier
Community Action Northumberland Supplier
Community and Health Care Forum Supplier
Community Life: Financial News Article
Community Life: Health News Article
Community Life: Society News Supplier
Community Lifeline: Society News Article
Complementary Approaches To Health & Cancer Supplier
Connect (south Tyneside) Supplier
Contact Supplier
Contact-a-Family North East Supplier
Cramlington Camera Club Supplier
Cramlington Crafts Club Supplier
Cullercoats Men's Club Supplier
CVA Blyth Valley Supplier
Cyclops Supplier
Daybreak Supplier
Dementia Care Partnership First stop Advice Supplier
Dental Treatment for people requiring support Article
Directgov Supplier
Disability Awareness: For Front-line staff (Service Sector) Independent Living Zone Service
Disability North Supplier
Disabled Persons Railcard Supplier
DLD Wheelchair Rental Supplier
DLF Supplier
Dolphin Stairlifts Supplier
Doncaster School for the Deaf Supplier
Easibathe Supplier
Epilepsy Action Tyneside Supplier
Epilepsy Aweareness Training Independent Living Zone Service
Equilibrium Holistics Supplier
Etac Finesse 290 Altonaids Mobility Product
Eye on Health Supplier
Family Fund Supplier
FirstStop - Advice for older people. Article
Folding Threshold Ramp Altonaids Mobility Product
Foot and Ancle Fixture (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Foot Brake (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Footrest - Transparent (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Fostering Northumberland Supplier
Freelift Supplier
Gateshead Access Panel Supplier
Good Advice Project North Tyneside Disability Forum Service
Grovewood House Care Home, Supplier
Handicare Alex Altonaids Mobility Product
Handicare Beatle Altonaids Mobility Product
Handicare Hippo Altonaids Mobility Product
Handicare Ibis Xp Altonaids Mobility Product
Handicare Puma Altonaids Mobility Product
Handicare Trophy Altonaids Mobility Product
Hard of Hearing Organisation Supplier
Headrest (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Headway Newcastle & North Tyneside Supplier
HealthWORKS Newcastle Supplier
Healthy Communities Collaborative Supplier
Hearing Loss Support Supplier
Heaton Acupuncture Clinic Supplier
Heddon Holistic Therapy Centre Supplier
Helen McArdle Care Supplier
Helping Hands Community Care Supplier
Hip Hop 100 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Hip Hop 300 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Horcher Medical Systems Supplier
Horse Power for Ability Supplier
Huntingdon's Disease Association Supplier
Independence Restored Supplier
Independent Living Zone Supplier
Independent Mobility, User Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Handling Independent Living Zone Service
Information Buddy Supplier
Interest Link Borders Supplier
Invacare Adventure Altonaids Mobility Product
Invacare E-motion Altonaids Mobility Product
Invacare Mirage Altonaids Mobility Product
Invacare Pronto M61 Altonaids Mobility Product
Invacare Storm 4 Altonaids Mobility Product
Invacare Typhoon II Altonaids Mobility Product
Inward Armrest (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
It Can Help Supplier
JAY ACTIVE Altonaids Mobility Product
JAY XTREME Altonaids Mobility Product
Jinseng Clinic Ltd Supplier
John Corrigan Acupuncture Supplier
Joining Plinth Altonaids Mobility Product
Karen Ogle Physiotherapy Supplier
Kenzai Holistics Supplier
Klasplan Supplier
Knee Stop with Mounting (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Launchpad Supplier
Learning Disabilities Federation Supplier
LEVO Active Easy Altonaids Mobility Product
LEVO Compact Easy Altonaids Mobility Product
Liberdade Supplier
Lift, Sling and Hoist applications Independent Living Zone Service
Linskill and North Tyneside Community Development Trust Supplier
Little Flyers Childcare Supplier
Local Page Events Supplier
Lupus UK Supplier
Lynch Healthcare Supplier
Making New Friends Feels Good, So Come and Join Our New Social Club Article
Manual Handling Solutions Supplier
Manual Wheelchair Training Independent Living Zone Service
MCC Media Supplier
Meadow Well Connected Supplier
Mediation North Supplier
Mencap Supplier
Mental Health Concern Supplier
Mentoring Tips Article
Mesmac Supplier
Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund Supplier
miEnterprise Supplier
Mobility Direct North Supplier
More Article
Motability. Supplier
Moving and handling Tips Article
MS Society Newcastle and Gateshead Branch Supplier
Multiple Sclerosis Society Newcastle and Gateshead Supplier
My Signpost. First Stop for Disability Products, Support and Services. Article
National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society Supplier
NEET Futures CIC Supplier
Neuro Partners Supplier
New Prospects announced as Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year Article
New Prospects Association Supplier
New Prospects volunteers named as ‘Local Heroes’ of North Tyneside Article
Newcastle Law Centre Supplier
Newcastle LINk (Local Involvement Network) Article
Newcastle Sportsinjury Supplier
Newcastle Toy & Leisure Library Supplier
Newcastle upon Tyne CAB Supplier
NIWE Eating Distress Service Supplier
Norcare Ltd Supplier
North East Equality & Diversity (NEED) Ltd Supplier
North East Motor Neurone Disease Trust Supplier
North East Pensioners Association Jesmond Branch Supplier
North East Trust for Aphasia Supplier
North Eastern Care Ltd Supplier
North Northumberland Women's Network Supplier
North Shields Live at Home Scheme Supplier
North Tyneside Carers Centre Supplier
North Tyneside Disability Forum Supplier
North Tyneside Hospital League of Friends Supplier
North Tyneside LINk Supplier
North Tyneside Rethink Group Supplier
Northern Chair World Supplier
Northumberland Carers Forum Supplier
Northumberland County Blind Association Supplier
Northumberland Credit Union Supplier
Northumberland Home Improvement Agency Supplier
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust Supplier
Nudrive Altonaids Mobility Product
NUFC Disabled Supporters Association Supplier
Opus Employment Project Supplier
Otto Bock A-200 Altonaids Mobility Product
Otto Bock B-500 Altonaids Mobility Product
Otto Bock B-600 North Tyneside Carers Centre Product
Ouseburn Farm Supplier
Parkinson's Disease Society Supplier
PCA Independent Living Solutions LLP Supplier
Peach Supplier
Percy Hedley Foundation Supplier
Phoenix Walking Club Supplier
Physioworks Supplier
Places for People Supplier
Poppies Supplier
Powered Mobility Training Independent Living Zone Service
Pressure Care Tips Article
Prestige Nursing Supplier
PROPS Newcastle Supplier
Pushing Bracket (VELA Hip Hip 100) Altonaids Mobility Product
Rascal 388 XL/D/S Altonaids Mobility Product
Rascal 600 Altonaids Mobility Product
Rascal 850 Altonaids Mobility Product
Rascal 889 Altonaids Mobility Product
Real Food Works Supplier
Real Life Options Supplier
Recyke y-bike Supplier
Relate Northumberland and Tyneside Supplier
Relationship Counselling for Couples and Individuals Relate Northumberland and Tyneside Service
Rose Cottage Clinic Supplier
Rumana Health Supplier
Ryton Acupuncture Clinic Supplier
Samaritans of Tyneside Supplier
Sarabec Supplier
SCAN Supplier
Scooter Ramp Altonaids Mobility Product
Scooter Tips Article
Scotswood Natural Community Garden Supplier
Search Project Supplier
Seat Cover (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Seatbelt (Vela Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Seating Matters Supplier
Second Sight Supplier
Seenin Supplier
Self Unlimited Supplier
Setting up a Community Transport Service Independent Living Zone Service
Shape Supplier
Sharing the Caring (North Tyneside Carers Centre) North Tyneside Carers Centre Service
Shoulder Supports (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Shower areas Article
Side Supports (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Sight Service (South Shields Branch) Supplier
SignHealth Supplier
Soames Therapy Supplier
Social Prospects with New Prospects Article
South Shields Shopmobility Supplier
Split Scooter Ramp Altonaids Mobility Product
St John's Ambulance Supplier
St Pauls Community Partnership Supplier
Standard Altonaids Mobility Product
Standard Ramp Altonaids Mobility Product
Standard Ramp with Double Handrail Altonaids Mobility Product
Standard Ramp with Folding Handrail Altonaids Mobility Product
Standard Threshold Ramp Altonaids Mobility Product
Stepney Bank Stables Supplier
Stress and Strains Supplier
Stroke Association Supplier
Stroke North Supplier
Sun Hie Chinese Acupuncture and Healthy Living Centre Supplier
Sunrise Medical Argon Quickie Altonaids Mobility Product
Sunrise Medical Argon Ti Quickie Altonaids Mobility Product
Sunrise Medical Helium Q Altonaids Mobility Product
Sunrise Medical Neon Q Altonaids Mobility Product
Sunshine Fund Supplier
Sweet Thyme Therapy Centre Supplier
Swissphysio Supplier
Table Tray (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
Tango 100 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Tango 200 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Tango 300 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Tango 400 VELA Altonaids Mobility Product
Tanya Magen Supplier
Thackray Jones Ltd Supplier
The Bodywork Centre Supplier
The Food Chain North East Supplier
The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Co Supplier
The Learning Disabilities Federation Supplier
The Pembroke Seating Matters Product
The Snowdon Altonaids Mobility Product
The Tenby Altonaids Mobility Product
The WI Supplier
Thigh Supports (VELA Hip Hop) Altonaids Mobility Product
TiLite YR Youth Altonaids Mobility Product
TiLite ZR a Rigid Altonaids Mobility Product
Time running out for Home Access grants Article
Tonik Mobility Supplier
Travel Ability UK Ltd Supplier
Tyneside Women's Health Supplier
UBS Supplier
UK Mobility Aids Supplier
UltraLite 380 Altonaids Mobility Product
UltraLite 480 Altonaids Mobility Product
United Response Supplier
User Guide Article
Using a Manual Wheelchair Independent Living Zone Service
Victim Support Supplier
Vision Sense Supplier
Vivid Acoustics Supplier
VODA Supplier
walking Aid Tips Article
West End Befrienders Supplier
Wheelchair Accessibles Supplier
Wheelchair Tips Article
Wheelchairs in Sporting Activities Independent Living Zone Service
Whickham Villa LLP Supplier
Wide Ramp with Double Handrail Altonaids Mobility Product
WinG Supplier
Yes we can - and for free! Article
YMCA North Tyneside Supplier
Your Voice Counts Supplier

About MySignpost


A warm welcome to MySignpost. A new service which exists to point you in the direction of what you are looking for. On MySignpost you will find hundreds of products and services in the broad fields of health, social care, well being and community and as the site develops we will bring you hundreds and thousands more.

We aim to be as responsive to our users’ views as we can so if you have any ideas or suggestions or if you know of any product or service that you think ought to be represented on MySignpost please just click on this link to Contact MySignpost.

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The MySignpost community

MySignpost is driven by the needs of the community and is here to help to meet those needs. You don't need to join the Mysignpost community; you're already part of it so please feel free to explore the site. You don't need permission and registration is entirely optional. So please have a look around, it's quite possible that you may be pointed in the direction of items and ideas you didn't even know existed.

If you wish to register and post opinions and information, please do, it's absolutely free and we look forward to hearing from you.

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MySignpost providers

MySignpost serves the community. It is here to point its users in the direction of the products, services and ideas that they seek. The providers and suppliers of these products, services and ideas therefore complete the circle. We would encourage any provider of a product or service, be they large, small, commercial, third sector or all points in between to make use of their representation on MySignpost. People are looking for your products and services, let MySignpost help you get in touch with your market or community and perhaps even find new ones.

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